wanting to get a ups (uninterruptible power supply) but im curious about something

i am wanting to get a ups but i know they can only last for a certain amount of time on a charge during an outage or surge but im curious is there anyway to protect the pc if the battery runs out on the ups during the outage like if im not home and this happens like software that can detect if there is an outage then the pc will shut itself down or something like that or will the pc be okay if the battery runs out on the ups?
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  1. yes

    there is some a bit more expensive ups with a serial port, or a usb port, once you install a driver and set them to talk to windows, they will report battery status and will do what you mention

    on the back, a port that says data port


    Prevent Data Corruption with PowerChute Software

    APC PowerChute Personal Edition power and energy management software is included. PowerChute prevents data corruption by automatically saving files and shutting down your system in an extended power outage or low-battery condition. PowerChute monitors and displays energy usage and reduces costs via customized energy management planning. Connect the USB cable that's included with your UPS backup unit to your computer to easily use the software.
  2. will the software work with linux?
  3. There is a freeware, multi-plaform version out there, name of which I don't recall at the moment, that will work with APC.
  4. so these software dont work with all types of ups?
  5. Is like this, if you stick by the major brands, lots of support, lots of resources. You buy off-brands, you are on your own.
  6. okay and all all the major brands have this software you speak of and it works for linux to?
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    the software depends on the model, each manufacturer decides what software to use and what os to support

    apc and other couple brands release a linux driver most of the times

    check the exact model of the manufacturer you choose to buy to see if it has the port , it comes wiht the data cable and if it has the driver for linux

    to install the driver, well, each manufacturere decides to release whatever they wish to release, .rpm, .deb. .bin or a zip/tar.gz file with a file

    on that case you need to ask for support on your specific distro forum, explaining the model of the ups, the driver you have and asking how to install the package delivered by the manufacturer

    they will explain you how to set up the ups in the power management settings

    kde and gnome has their own ways to handle the ups power management option, each distro offers extra options, that part you have to ask it on your distr forum
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