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Hi my friend is looking to build his first PC and is trying to stick to a budget of between £900-£1000. He is looking to play a lot of new games at 1080p and 60 hertz however i'm unsure if an i5-7600k and a gtx-1060 (6GB) are overkill or not and i'm not sure if a ryzen 1600x would suit his needs better as the PC is mainly for gaming. Here is the list of parts I've chosen so far however i'm around £84 over budget so i would like some advice on what would be better suited. Thanks in advance.
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    Poor PSU. Get a 550W CXM (the grey ones, the green ones are poor)
    Personally I'd go Ryzen.
    A 1060 will be fine.
    Lose the thermal compound. The one included is sufficient.
    Exchange the crappy Corsair fan for a Phanteks, Noctua or Cougar.
  2. No SSD drive in that high end build?
    If build is too far out of budget might evaluate if overclock is really necessary, usually not to much to gain in real world performance.
  3. thanks guys for the advice how much performance at 1080p do you think would be lost by switching to a i5-7600?
  4. For CPU intensive games like BF1, assuming you had say 600mhz above non-oc 7600 speeds, would said 4-7 FPS difference.
    On non CPU intensive games, not one bit of difference.
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