Will running two monitors (1 4k @60hz and 2 1080p @ 144hz) simultaneously on a GTX 1080 ti reduce performance in games?

I am upgrading from a 980ti to an Asus Strix OC gtx 1080 ti graphics card on my rig as I want to experience stable 4k gameplay; I was wondering if I could run both screens simultaneously without causing a significant impact to gaming on the 4k monitor while running 144hz on the 1080p screen
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  1. If you are not also gaming or using accelerated graphics on the 1080p screen, the answer is no, there will be no performance loss. I'm currently typing this reply while my 4k screen has a game playing, and the game is fine. :)
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    The GTX 1080 Ti is tested to be able to run one 4K screen at 60+FPS constant. Another two idling 1080p panels will not hurt performance to unplayable levels, but if you want best possible performance do stay on one screen exclusively.

    Performance impact will be around 5-10%.
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