Can't enter Bios and disk read error when booting windows 10

can't enter bios without it freezing at the screen and not showing options, i have tried removing the battery and resetting it which was the only way to make my keyboard/mouse work in it and when i tried to use default settings and boot it froze i tried default and reboot and it rebooted but still same issue. whenever i let it boot it gives a disk read error, in the bios boot select it shows both drives. rarely when i leave it on for a while i may be able to get past this and sometimes it boots normally, tried booting with different drives connected and nothing. Please help

UPDATE: anyone know if a usb port short could cause this? it seems to be working perfectly now after switching some usb's around
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    Anything is possible on the USB issue. I would first make sure the bios has the correct boot drive set and its correct boot type. IE did you install windows as atapi or ahci SATA mode.
  2. I sense a hard disk failure...
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Disk Read Error BIOS windows 10