My z87Pro motherboard died, what should I replace it with

I'm not looking to upgrade, I would like to replace the motherboard with something comparable that is currently available on the market. I have been unable to find a z87pro or sabertooth available for sale at not ridiculous prices, and am not sure what newer boards will work. Was hoping someone would be able to help. My components are

Intel 4770k
32gb (8x4) DDR3 2400 ram
Asus GTX 970
I have 2 SSD, 1 HDD, and a Bluray burner.
I have a 650w Seasonic Gold PSU (fully modular) and an 850w EVGA Bronze PSU (partially modular)

I have a full sized ATX case.
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  1. Best answer,99&K=3,10&h=1,8
    List of all compatible with your setup Z87 and Z97 mobos sorted by price
  2. thanks!
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