Can install Windows on external HDD and use it permenantly as default booting hdd

Hi everyone.
So recently I dropped my Toshiba Satellite Core i3/4gb RAM/500 GB HDD.
In the dropping my hdd got jacked up pretty bad. Recovered all my data my self but no luck on making it bootable again even after installing Windows it either gives I/O error or spindle error with a status.
So what I thought that I am really good with desktop and laptop case modding. Anyways could I use an external HDD to install my Windows 7 and use it permenantly as my default drive
Its a WD 1Tb HDD.
What do u think. Would it cause any performance issues or something.
Plzz inform me of every possible problem I will face if I use this HDD.
Plus I'm broke and can't buy a new HDD.
Thanks in advance.
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    Yea you could, USB 2 could give performance issues mate due to slow read speeds , USB 3 ?? You'd probably get away with.
  2. right, if you don't have any USB 3.0 ports on that laptop then windows will run really slow. also not sure if the laptop will allow you to use a USB drive like that as the main boot drive
  3. Thank u all fir taking the time to answer my question. And yes it does has a 3.0 port for USB.
    I need the laptop so I might install it tomorrow.
    Would it be better if I installed Windows 7 or 10 ?.
  4. the OS doesn't matter in this case because they will both act the same. but having the latest OS installed is always recommended
  5. Well, you may be "really good with desktop and laptop case modding" but I doubt that expertise is going to help you very much in this situation.

    First of all, how were you planning to install the Windows OS onto your USB externally-connected 1 TB HDD? Are you aware Windows will balk at the OS installation process when the recipient drive is a USB external device?

    You could, of course, use a disk-cloning program to clone the contents of an internally-connected drive containing a viable OS onto a USBEHD and then internally-connect the destination drive (assuming it's a 2.5" drive) in the laptop, but obviously that's not in the cards for you, is it?

    So you have a dilemma if you can't swing for another laptop drive.
  6. Hi everyone.
    Plz anyone tell me what can I do.
    Is there a way to install win on USB or external HDD.

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