What's a mother board that could replace a msi z97 gaming 5?

I currently working on a build and the z97 gaming 5 is unavailable on the sites I know new, and I don't know when new ones will be added. The build plans to have a i5-4670k a msi 1050 to gpu and DATA XPG V2 DDR3 2400MHz (PC3 19200) 16GB ram, 2 8gbs. I'm looking for a mother board that can run these that is readily available and is $400 and under. Any suggestions?
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    Why are you using an older processor? Do you already own it?
  2. Gam3r01 said:
    Why are you using an older processor? Do you already own it?

    No I don't, this is my first build, so i'm a little dumb when it comes to component knowledge. I had originally went with a i7(something i don't remember now) and when discussing with a friend he told me the i7 i choose was a little more powerful then i really needed(also a little more expensive then i wished to pay). I didn't really know much differences between the i7s or any cpu other then more cores is usually considered better and ones ending with k are best suited for overclocking(which i dont plan to do until i feel more comfortable with doing so). I do know the i5 is an older model, but it was considerably cheaper and was one i heard mentioned to be quite good, so if you or anyone has a suggestion for a cpu that is better and is $600 or cheaper I'm all ears.

    (also thanks for the list of motherboards)
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