PC won't turn on after installing new CPU and motherboard

3 weeks ago I bought an i7 7700k. After installing it (z170xp motherboard) and turning on the PC lights and fans would turn on for 5-10 seconds and then turn off. I didn't touch anything else so I know it's either the motherboard or CPU that's the issue. Having spent most of my money on a new CPU I bought a cheap motherboard because I thought that was the issue. After installing the new motherboard (GA h110m-a) With the new CPU my PC won't turn on at all now. Frustrated to hell I used Amazon Returns to send my CPU back and they gave me a new one. After installing the new i7 7700 same thing is happening. PC won't turn on at all.

I know it's not the PSU because it works with the paper clip test. I borrowed my friends gpu to make sure it's not that but it gave me the same results. I checked my RAM. Reseated every cable. Now I don't know what to do. I even tried putting in my old CPU (i5 6500) to see if that will help but it still didn't.

My system specs are
I7 7700k CPU
GA H110m-a motherboard
Corsair CX750 PSU
R9 390 GPU

Let me know if you guys need any more info.
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  1. H110,,Z170, and B150 mobos need a BIOS update to support a Kaby Lake

    Only way you can do that is you'll have to buy or borrow a Skylake cpu flash the bios. Install the Kaby Lake

    Or take it to a shop. Or replace it with a B250 / Z270 mobo. Which will be more compatible
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  2. Your i7 7700k is not compatible with either of those motherboards without making adjustments. They are designed to be used with the Intel 200/1001 series chipset motherboards like a Z270 for example. Your old CPU should work with that motherboard though.

    You should always check on pcpartpicker when upgrading to be sure.
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  3. Did you happen to have any dislodged cables or standoffs? Did you put any component on carpet or have any static discharge?
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    that is a bios problem, you will need to upgrade the bios by downloading them from Asus's website and then copy it to a USB flash drive. then plug it in your mobo with a skylake cpu installed. you will need a 6'th generation skylake Core/Celeron/Pentium series CPU for this task
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