Power supply fan is running at max and is loud

Hi All

For a few years, i have been using my power supply and it has been extremely quiet (Enermax ELT500AWT)

Recently, the fan on the power supply seems to be running on max power and is extremely loud (we can hear it in other rooms) - when the PC is not in use

When we do use it, the fan goes back to normal quietness

i am running windows 10 and 3hard drives, GPU is on the mobo
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  1. Clean out your PSU? Using a vacuum or preferably a canned air blower, blow out any dust in your PSU as that's most likely the reason it's running so loudly.
    If you don't clean your computer regularly than this is definitely an issue.
  2. Maybe it's time to change it out. Since you did state it's been a few years that it has been working. Power Supplies are pretty inexpensive nowadays.

    NOTE: Make sure the PSU is cleaned out. Use compressed air to make sure there isn't any dust clogging the fan.
  3. i cleaned out the PC with an aircompressor - lots of dust and still the same noise - forgot to mention it
  4. Since you really can't control the PSU fan with software, I'd say time to change our the PSU.
  5. mmm... i will consider that - is there a tool/selector which would help me select a new PSU?

    could i just change the fan?
  6. Changing the fan would be a pain in the butt. How many watts is your PSU? usually you can go here:
  7. i am running a 500watt, 80 plus certified power supply
  8. I've safely taken apart a PSU fan and put in another but yes it is a PAIN IN THE BUTT and you can break your PSU if you aren't careful. In my case, it fixed it pretty radically, I also saw a bunch of bent capacitors and was able to unbend them and the broken 750 PSU I got that was DOA ended up working.
    If you enjoy being hands on I would take it apart and check it out, blow out components more personally while you're inside, and check your fan, maybe clean it up (it probably has a bunch of gunk or something in it).

    If you want to not risk breaking your only PSU get another PSU. Since you said there was a LOT of a dust there's probably more dust inside the components you can't visually see unless you get inside your PSU manually. But yes it is a pain in the butt. The first time I did it I fixed a DOA 750 PSU but it might be nerve wracking if you're not comfortable taking apart components.
  9. im pretty comfortable doing it - in fact - i already opened it up to take a look. :)

    what fan would you recommended
  10. so, i opened it again, it looks like a 3 wire 120mm fan...

    BUT - i was looking at the capacitors and i noticed that some were concave (i believe normal) and some where convex - where the top curves upwards/outwards...

    i am no electrician - but i think i may have blown capacitors..
  11. If they're looking as if they're exploding, then you're going to have some blown capacitors in the future.
    If they're a bit bent, you can usually carefully tilt them back in place and have them work.
    Some capacitors can concave quite a bit before they actually are blown.
    But if your noticing a big difference in some of the capacitors being more blown than others it's a sign you need a new PSU. And also to be more diligent about cleaning your PSU.
  12. Seasonic G-series - I think i am getting this one to replace my existing unit

    thanx for the help and insights
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