Left Speaker has lower volume than Right?? (NOTSURE)

Hello, why do i hear that the left speaker is a bit quiet than right? I dont know i tried listening to both speaker and both of my ear (left, right) but i cant get the difference, only i can tell the difference when i go far from the speaker and use my laptop like its normal. my laptop is DELL Inspiron by the way guys.
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    There are some settings if you right click on the volume adjuster in the taskbar, and choose "Playback Devices"

    Click whichever device is marked on that screen as default (probably says "Speakers / Headphones" or something similar), then click Properties. On the window that pops up, click the Levels tab, then there will be a Balance button (using my own PC right now, yours might be a little different). It's possible that the left and right balance are slightly off.

    That would be my first guess - I admit, it's ONLY a guess....
  2. well your guest actually helped me :P but before it did it was balanced. What I did is i unbalance it then balance it again but in another volume. :) thank you
  3. You're welcome! Glad my guess happened to point you in the right direction.
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