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So, before I say anything else, I'm using a 7600k on an Asus strix z270i mobo with a kraken x62 at full speed (which I'd rather decrease in speed if I could).
I've gotten a sucessful OC at 1.34v for 4.7Ghz. It passed the stress test (I'm using RealBench) but temps at normal usage constantly jumped, going from 34 degrees to as high as 55 degrees and back to 34 in a split second. Also, after an hour and a half, the bench peaked at 83 degrees celcius.
I'm brand new to overclocking, and although I've done a bit of research on overclocking, this doesn't seem good. The only settings I've changed from default are the core multipliers and cpu voltage. I've reduced the voltage to 1.31v and still got a successful OC, but temperatures stayed!
I'm wondering if I should try to reduce the voltage more to decrease temperatures, or are there other settings that I need to change?

*EDIT: I'm now somehow running 4.8 Ghz at 1.31v with the same temperatures. Now I am even more confused.
I just want as high of an overclock as I can get while staying at a safe voltage and keeping below 80 degrees celcius (prefferably below 75 degrees)
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  1. I should have just been patient. Currently running 5.0 Ghz at 1.29v peaking at around 80 degrees. I can actually improve this a bit too.
    I should really do some more research before I post stuff like this on tomswardware
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