MSI 970 GAMING, AMD FX-8350 and Nvidia GTX 960 Low Performance

I have a problem, my PC is working very slow on almost every possible game.

I tried already:
Update BIOS to new one
Update all possible drivers

i have Windows 10 64 bit.

when i used benchmark "" to test my PC i got this results

UserBenchmarks: Game 24%, Desk 25%, Work 20%
CPU: AMD FX-8350 - 20.3%
GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 - 41.8%
SSD: Crucial M500 120GB - 49.2%
HDD: Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB - 96.5%
RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR3 1866 C10 1x8GB - 28.9%
MBD: MSI 970 GAMING (MS-7693)

AMD FX-8350 have average performance on around 57.5% and i got 20.3%

additional message displayed by benchmark was:
"With an extremely low single core score, this CPU can barely handle email and light web browsing. Finally, with a gaming score of 20.3%, this CPUs suitability for 3D gaming is poor."

i have no idea how to improve it anymore, what am i doing wrong, one of parts is doing bottleneck on my PC or am i missing something?

exactly my build is as recommended by game Space hulk deathwing and this game is not working even on low.

PS. sorry i accidentally inserted it in wrong category, i wanted to add this topic into CPU

PS. sorry but i don't know to what category i should put this topic.
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  1. Looking at your specs windows 10 works better with 16GB's. Set your windows power profile to performance. Test it again with these changes.
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  2. i am on performance power setting on system and GPU card

    RAM i will add but i have no money right now.

    also i want to add that processor is not over-clocked in any way
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  3. Here is a few more optimizing tips for windows 10.

    You could also look at turning off some services to free up RAM for games. CCleaner and advanced systemcare can help get these settings lined out.
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  4. i use advanced system care around once per week to clean everything, also i tried to use game mode of advanced system care to disable not wanted processes.

    it made no difference.

    i also tried to check for wiruses, malwares etc.

    thank you for trying to help btw
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  5. I'm stumped but I will chime in that I just ran my FX-8320E @ 4.4 Ghz and its scored 65.7. I know yours isn't OC'd, but still... If you have yours on the "High Performance" setting in Windows and made sure you have no malware or viruses about the only thing I can think of is making sure its not overheating. How are your temps at load? If the CPU is getting too hot it might be throttling.

    Another thought - trying resetting your BIOS to "Load Optimized Defaults". It could be its in a safe mode or something and clocked much lower than it should be.
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  6. i set BIOS to defaults - results of testings on benchmark are now:

    UserBenchmarks: Game 21%, Desk 23%, Work 19%
    CPU: AMD FX-8350 - 16.5%
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 - 38.8%
    SSD: Crucial M500 120GB - 43.2%
    HDD: Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB - 80.2%
    RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR3 1866 C10 1x8GB - 28.5%
    MBD: MSI 970 GAMING (MS-7693)

    i run without gaming mode so lets say there is no difference

    also i done msi afterburner hardware monitor screen after BIOS reset to defaults

    marked segments are:
    (from left to right)
    1. running steam and system activity
    2. starting a game of "Event[0]"
    3. loading game
    4. proper game (low settings and fps still around 20)

    as you can see temperature is not a problem.

    also weird thing is that processor never use 100% while in game in any core but fps is till below 30 in most of games

    and i would add this, in bios i got displayed that Temperature is 19 *C

    later i'l post fps and processor test for lets say counter strike global offensive because i don't know if event[0] is optimized
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  7. Best answer
    This a new system mate ??

    As you have an MSI gaming 970 board it would point me to that ****** slow mode switch on the board again that limits clocks to 1400mhz.

    Check your core clocks with amd overdrive while running a prime or Intel burn test.

    If this is the case then follow below.

    There is a small vertical switch below the main 24 pin header on the board.this is marked slow mode.

    Switch off the Pc & make sure this is switched to the off position (from memory that should be down in the lower position).

    Reboot , check your core clocks under load again.
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  8. madmatt30 you are my hero, i had no idea this mode even existed.

    now i got on benchmark:
    UserBenchmarks: Game 41%, Desk 51%, Work 37%
    CPU: AMD FX-8350 - 56.5%
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 - 42.9%
    SSD: Crucial M500 120GB - 60.6%
    HDD: Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB - 85.4%
    RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR3 1866 C10 1x8GB - 33.7%
    MBD: MSI 970 GAMING (MS-7693)
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  9. No problem mate ,its caught an awful lot of people out in the past.One member on here had been running like that for over 2 years !!
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  10. i see, i am glad than i was tunning like that only half a year, well only now i am trying to play some more performance heavy games so i started looking into a problem...
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  11. aaand Sh**t stopped working. not matter how i set switch now,i always have 1400Mhz, in bios its always displayed i don't have turbo mode. i tried HPC mode to force it on it, it worked once, now with this mode bios won't even start, after battery bios reset works on slow mode only in both switch positions...

    i even tried to set core power manually to how it should be and nothing works ;/
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