Ryzen r7 1700x oc 3,72Ghz OBS encoder overloaded

Hi all , i think i have an issue with obs studio when i try to make a local recording of BF4 at
1920x1080p 59,94fps . Encoder overloaded again and again, i tried a lot of configs but no one

Obs Studio config:

CRF: 23

Keyframe interval: 2

CPU Usage Preset: Superfast

Profile: (none)

Tune: (none)

I tried with ultrafast profile main and tune fastcode but again starts to apear the encoder overloaded.

My Specs:

MOBO: Gigabyte Ga-ab350 gaming 3

CPU: Ryzen r7 1700x oc 3,72ghz

RAM: 1x8gb ram corsair lpx 2666mhz

GPU: r9 280x

Cooler: Nox hummer h-312

Psu: Tacen mars 700w

Thanks 4 ur time (and sry for my bad english)
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  1. Wrong forum
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    You are short of RAM bandwidth as well as amount of RAM. 8GB on single channel will hinder you. Get at least 16GB×2 or 8GB×2 for 1080p60FPS encoding (HEVC)
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