Will I damage my laptop or laptop charger if I plugged it into a low voltage outlet?

Sorry for the weird title, did not know how else to word it

Anyways I am going on a charter bus for a trip, and the charter bus does have outlets, so I am bringing my laptop, supposedly the outlets are normal voltage. What I was thinking is bringing a splitter so I can have 3 devices charging at the same time.

What I am concerned about though is that the voltage would drop due to the other devices charging at the same time as my laptop. On my charger it says 100-240V, so what would happen if the voltage dropped below 100? Would that damage my laptop charger or worse my laptop itself?
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    The voltage at the wall sockets does not drop simply because more devices are plugged in to it.

    The worst that could happen is a fuse would blow on the distribution board if a socket is overloaded, rendering the socket dead, but overloading certainly wouldn't happen if several charging units are plugged in to it. Such devices only draw a small current. You'll be quite alright using a 3-way charging adapter.

    You would have to plug two electric kettles in to the same socket (and switch both of them on) to blow a ring-main fuse which protects the feed cable to the sockets.
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