Best current motherboard for Ryzen 1700 OC and fast RAM?

Which motherboard and ram are the best currently for overclocking a Ryzen 1700 to its limits and achieving high speed RAM values as well?

Ive seen lots of 1 month old opinions pointing to the Asus Crosshair (but also with bad reviews of malfunctions on sites such as newegg which makes me think Asus had a rough launch), there are a few other users pointing to the Gigabyte Aorus boards as well but Im just curious if theres new developments or user consensus up to now.

I just want the best performance on this chip and am willing to consider a high budget on a ram and motherboard if it makes it easier or gets the overclock higher and will probably pair it all with a noctua cooler.

It seems theres a bunch of people still triying different things here and there so I wanted the up to date opinion of an expert or people with great results so far. Thanks!
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    The Taichi / Fatal1ty X370, as well the Crosshair are the top 3 picks when it comes to overclocking mobos as far as Ive seen.
    Superior Pwr and very decent build, you wont go wrong with any of these.

    For the mem, this should do good.
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