Low Voltage CPU issues

Hi All, just joined with a random question throwing together a pc, havent done this for a while but bit by bit, it's coming together; spec is:
Amd fx 8320 Asus m5a97 evo r2.0 8gb ripjaws 1600 Few hdd in there Psu 500, but 800 on route
Guy I bought a few bit from was reporting cpu issues so I got the board cheap and cpu, put it all togeather with new fan and thermo paste, still having issues, so I took a look in bios I can see cpu voltage sitting at 3.3v but after 20-30 secs drops to 2.9v and turns gpu/monitor off and I get a flashing led on cpu motherboard led?
Anyone know an answer to this one or had similar or is the cpu knackered or do I dare contact AMD?
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    CPU voltage can't be 3.3v, no chance, would have burned by it. Max CPU voltage on that processor is 1.5v. Starting voltage should be around 1.350v.
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