Need help overclocking Intel Xeon X5650

I recently built a custom desktop with an Intel DX58S0 motherboard and an Intel Xeon X5650 (Complete Specs) and I want to overclock the CPU because 2.6GHz is really low for a gaming build and it is bottlenecking my GPU. I have never overclocked before and would really like some help.
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    Xeon does not design to oc. If you have to do you only can change the BCLK, that will oc your RAM too. So try it out, I don't know how far you can go, because you have the 1600mhz RAM, you will have the limitation.

    Try find something like this online to read about it, and try it out.
  2. THe Xeon X5650 uses the LGA1366 socket. So look up overclocking tutorials for that socket. Should be the i7-900 series.
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