will my GPU bottlneck my Cpu??

so i am upgrading my pc but adding a new core i5 7400 and 8gb ddr4 ram. however i am unable to upgrade my gtx 960 due to my budget. will my gpu bottlenck the new cpu? i will post my current build and then my new build once the upgrade is done.

AMD fx6350 six core 3.9ghz
gtx 960 2gb gddr5
1tb hdd
78lmt-usb3 mobo
8gb ddr3 ram
kolink 500w psu
carbide spec o3 case

new build:
nzxt s340 case(white)
msi b250 pc mate atx mobo
core i5 7400 3ghz
hyperx fury black 8gb ddr4
2tb seagate barracuda hdd
gtx 960
corsair 500w semi modular psu
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    With newer CPU's, the bottleneck is going to always fall on the video card. That video card will be better than no video card at all though (and is still a decent card), so keep it until you can afford to upgrade it later.
  2. No the GPU will not bottleneck that CPU.
  3. thankyou guys for the help, helps me out
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