All motherboard ports including the HDMI port on the graphics card stop working! Help!

So I recently purchased a new ram stick for my computer, popped it in, booted computer comes on, graphics card fan runs, all other fans run fine.... But the HDMI port and all other usb ports ceased working entirely. Took out the RAM stick computer worked fine. Replaced old ram stick with the new one and computer is still fine. Whenever I put a ram stick in the other RAM slot of my motherboard everything goes to shit. So is there anyway I can fix this? Help greatly appreciated. Here are the specs
i5 4690k
MSI R9 380 Gaming 2g
Corsair CX750W
2x G.Skill ripjaws x series 8g
MSI H81M-P33 Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
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  1. Looks like those 2 sticks don't like each other, so to speak. Full info on both ram sticks would be useful (manufacturers code number would be best) to find out if there is any incompatibility.
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  2. I thought that as well but the ram sticks are definitely the same. Ordered from the same people even, but here is the exact name of both sticks. G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory. CL9-9-9-24 1.50V PC3-128008Gx2 intel XMP ready. Whenever I plug just one RAM stick into the other RAM slot of my MOBO the ports stop working. At this point im beginning to suspect an issue with my motherboard.
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  3. This: ?
    Was it running at 1333 Mhz or 1600 when you had only one?

    Even if both sticks are identical, they still may not be exactly the same - and that's probably causing problem. Maybe there's hope still. Put one stick, go to BIOS and set this things:
    DRAM Timing Mode to UnLink
    Memory Fast Boot to Disabled
    Save and power down (don't reboot)
    Install second stick, Boot
    If successful, you may want to set back Memory Fast Boot to Auto.
    If that does not work, you're probably out of luck.
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  4. Yes the link you posted is correct. When I checked the BIOS it was being ran at 1333mhz for some reason so I changed it to 1600mhz. I changed DRAM timing to UnLink and disabled memory fast boot, saved the settings, powered down then installed the second stick. Still got the same issue unfortunately. I took out the additional stick then rebooted with just the one stick and apparently BIOS reset everything to AUTO and put the stick back on 1333mhz. I changed it back to 1600mhz for just the one stick. This is the weirdest computer problem I have ever come across, I appreciate the help sincerely even if the solution didn't work. Thanks DRagor.
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    Months after posting this my computer completely ceased working. I got desperate and decided to take all the components out, and was very close to buying a new mother board. Turns out one of the CPU pins inside the socket was bent completely out of place. I used an exacto knife to bend it back in place and now my computer works as if it were brand new. I put in my ram stick that wasn't working before and now it works completely fine.
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