PC won't boot/POST help me please

Just bought a ssd. Connected sata data and sata power cable to ssd. Hit power button, turns but screen is black despite monitor being turned on. The hard drive light is not blinking either. No lights on keyboard or mass.

I unplug ssd completely and only leave in the old hard drive. Problem persists.

I try switching the sata cables to different sata ports on motherboard, problem persists.

Checked to make sure cables are allin, doesn't help.

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  1. When u hit power button does pc show any life? Can u see it post? Fans spinning?
    And you say if u connect your old HDD to sata port u used it doesnt work anymore?
  2. The fans spin, lights on motherboard flash. Computer is on, but keyboard mouse monitor and HDD light show no life
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    Try reinserting the ram.
    It fixes such issues most of the time.
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