Overclocking tipps? i5-4690k Hyper 212 evo. Is 65-70 degrees in prime95 w/o oc bad?

So i have some questions about me being able to overclock with a stress test in prime95 of about 65-70 degrees. Is that good? I have a hyper 212 evo cooler and an i5-4690k and wanted to know how much i am able to overclock if im even able to do so. Are these temperatures acceptable? How could i try lowering the degrees while stresstesting?

My rig:
msi z97 krait motherboard
gtx 770
hyper 212 cooler
2 case coolers one on the front and one at the back
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    Nope those temps are normal for your your setup and the 212. You won't get a huge OC with the 212.
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