Is now a good time to upgrade GPU?

Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my 970 to a1080. Is now a good time to invest in the upgrade or is an inevitable price drop due?

The palit / gainward 1080 have just come down to £450, which seems like a good deal on a budget brand card.

Do you guys think that the better cards will follow suit? Would they be worth waiting for? Or is this the sort of price to expect for the coming months?

Thanks for any feedback!
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    good question I have been sitting on my 970 SSC myself because of this I was hoping the 1080ti would cause the 1080 to lower .. but in fact the 1050 are the ones dropping, I suspect 1060 and 1070 will follow suite in time.. but its tricky with hardware, less and less will become available and thus price will drop then level and then go higher again.. I know its stupid but its that law of economy

    personally will never buy palit, zotac of msi, they are just flimsy I stick with EVGA but that is a preference based on personal opinion
  2. y, ofcourse, the 1080 is with its new pricepoint very sweet. i switched my 1070 to an asus strix gtx 1080 advanced cause it just cost 560€ (in germany) and i sold mine 1070 for 400€. the results: even that upgrade was worth it and i am running an asus pg278q 1440p 144hz and an acer cb271h 2160p 60hz monitor. so a 1080 brings you optimal 1440p performance and with very high deatils even 40 - 50 fps at 4k. so even with vega around the corner, i would buy the 1080 every time again at its momentairly price point. grab one and be happy
  3. I'd say now is the perfect time for a GTX 1080. Very recently there was a price drop. However, if you think you would be playing at 4k, it might be worth getting a 1080ti.

    I got the 1080 a couple of days ago for $520, plus there is a promotion for a choice of free game between For Honor and Ghost Recon Wildlands which is valued approx $50 ( The free game promotion is until 18th of April if I'm correct.

    The 1080 is perfect for 1440p gaming as it keeps you safely above 75fps with the highest of detail, no compromise. The 1080ti is good for 4k, but if you are going to play demanding games, you will dip below 60fps here and there. This was the reason I skipped the 1080ti, will upgrade when there is a card that can run everything on 4k above 75fps with no compromise.
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