PCIX or PCI to PCIe Adapter For Graphics Card

Hello Everyone,
I was wondering if it were possible to use a PCIX adapter to PCIe for a graphics card. This is because I have an old dual socket Pentium III motherboard lying around and I wanted to put a better graphics card in it. This motherboard has 2 PCIx Slots and 4 PCI slots on it. Yes, I know it will be slower than normal PCIe, but this is mainly just for fun and to make a decent computer out of my board.

I have these three motherboards:
Supermicro 370DLE
Supermicro P6DBE
Supermicro P6DGU

2 x Pentium III (Coppermine) 1GHz socket 370 (Will use riser cards for dual slot 1 boards)
4 x 256mb PC133

Graphics card
(One I can use) Nvidia GeForce 6200 (AGP)
(One I plan to use)ATI HD 3450 (or 2400XT)
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    I remember ATI making some GPUs with an on-board PCIe-to-AGP bridge to enable people to use its X600-800 series GPUs in older PCs, but don't remember seeing those available in some form of riser adapter format.
  2. Getting anything beyond the capability of the PCI socket is not going to net you anything and then you just run into difficulty getting the hardware to support it.

    Bottom line that old pIII is not going to do anything more then that AGP card can handle.
    Frankly a raspberry PI would be more usable (and much more secure) then that p3 computer
  3. This is going to get a fresh install of Windows or Linux on it (haven't decided yet), so security won't be much of an option. I was mainly doing this build for running older games and because it would be something fun to do with some older hardware. I may take one of the boards and use it as my file server (I currently have a Athlon 1GHz with 700mb of ram on my file server)

    The 370DLE is interesting because it can use up to 4gb of RAM, so I would like to make it have like 2 and use it for a machine for doing all sorts of stuff.
  4. AGP is much more better than PCIX ... Just use AGP slot and try to find HD4670 or HD3850 AGP on ebay , those 2 cards are the fastest AGP cards made...
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