No display on monitor. Accidentally dropped cpu (but I think it's fine). Debug leds on my motherboard were flickering though.

So I had assembled my own custom pc (specs below). After assembling it and connecting the monitor, I powered on the pc but there was no display on the monitor.
There could be a couple suspects for this problem;
1. While building the pc I had accidentally dropped my cpu in it's plastic case (of which it fell out of after contact with the ground about 1m below where it was dropped from). Luckily, the pins hadn't contacted the ground but instead the grey base had.
2. The debug leds on the motherboard flickered like this (upon powering on the pc): 1st, the cpu led blinked for a sec, then 2nd the ram led blinked for a sec right after, and then finally the gpu led was on for 6 secs (just as long as the gpu's fan was on before it stopped spinning).
3. My ram/gpu may not be compatible with my motherboard
4. Or, the wires may not be assigned properly
5. Also, during assembly I may have heard a couple small static charges (my friend was a bit of an idiot), 1 on the gpu, 1 on the hard drive, and 1 on the motherboard (but I'm not sure if I heard it).

- CPU: Intel Quad-Core i5-6500 @ 3.2 GHz
- GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060
- Motherboard: msi B150H PRO-VDH
- Memory: Kingston Technologies 8gb (one card)
- Storage: SeaGate Desktop HDD 1TB
- PSU: EVGA 500w Bronze (80+)
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    Hi Dylan.

    Would you mind looking at this checklist to make sure none of the simple steps have been missed? Sometimes the answer really is as simple as someone forgetting to change the mode on their monitor.

    Feel free to report back if/once you feel that you've covered all of these steps.
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