Figuring out case size

How do you know what size case you have? and what you can fit in your case?
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  1. I have a ITX case and I can fit 2 240 radiators with an exhaust fan. I also fit a full sized GPU, I have an ITX board but if you get the right MOBO you don't really miss all the features you didn't need.
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    Count the number of expansion slots that the case can allow.
    one will be ITX, 4 will be M-ATX and 7 will be full ATX.
    Smaller motherboards will fit in a larger case, but not the other way.

    If you have space restrictions for the case, look at the actual dimensions, not the descriptions such as mid tower, full tower, etc.
  3. Often case manufacturers publish that type of information on their home pages.

  4. I use measuring tape.
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