MSI H110M Grenade mobo powering on, getting DRAM led for 4 seconds, then cpu and immediate restart

Hello, my name is Mike and im building my third pc. This is the first time ive had issues with building, but as the title says im stumped. The motherboard powers on, the psu and cpu fans are going, but after 4 seconds of a solid DRAM led, that led shuts off and the cpu one lights for a split second, then shuts down. Unsure whats going on as I have taken apart the heatsink and cpu and have reinstalled them thinking they were the issue but i guess not. Help please?

Cpu: Intel core i3-6100
Psu: 430w
Ram: DDR4 1 stick, 4Gs
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  1. Whats the cpu??If its a Kaby lake it needs a BIOS update to support a Kaby lake

    And the only way you can do that is with a Skylake CPU
  2. @paul its an intel i3 processor. Reupdated origin post with current quick specs
  3. i3 what?
  4. Intel core i3-6100 desktop processor
  5. Ok so it's a Skylake. Hmm could be overheating. or a bent pin

    Looks like it needs BIOS 1.1 to support that cpu. But I dont know how to tell what BIOS MSI mobos ship with
  6. I dont see any bent pins, but ive checked at least three times. Overheating would make sense but its only active for about 6 seconds before restarting and its out of the case atm...
    Could that really be it?
  7. Did you connect the cpu fan, ATX12v and 24 pin??
  8. Yes cpu fan and psu power connectors are all in, or else i wouldnt be able to start the mobo. It starta for about 6-7 seconds then shuts off. No bios on screen.
  9. Well it could be that the BIOS on it isnt BIOS 1.1. Thats what it needs for that CPU

    And thats what happens it wont post if the right BIOS isnt on it now

    Is there a sticker on the mobo somewhere with a BIOS version on it or something?
  10. The bios is 2.8. Is that a problem?
  11. There is no BIOS 2.8. The latest is 1.2
  12. From the mobo manual, bios section:

    - 1x 128 mb flash
    - ACPI 5.0, PnP 1.0a, SM BIOS 2.8
    - Multi language

    Those are its bios features. Donno where else to look.
  13. Might be on the box. Sometimes the bar code has the year mth and maybe the BIOS version
  14. No bios number anywhere else but im starting to believe its not the cpu... MSI's website says its 100% compatible.

    Possibly just a bad mobo? Would i need another cpu to test or should i just RMA?
  15. Best answer
    Most are compatible but depending on WHAT BIOS is on it now. if 1.1 isnt on it now to support the cpu it wont post
  16. I picked your answer as the solution as im not getting anywhere by just guessing so ill be contacting msi tomorrow to get some help on this. Ty!
  17. No probs
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