Trying to upgrade Sony Vaio VPCEB190X HDD to Hybrid HDD

Like the title says, trying to upgrade this laptop to an HDD hybrid drive and I can't get into the BIOS to choose boot order due to password protection. I've tried unplugging the CMOS and waiting, logging in and trying to use WinDbg to reset the bios that way, using windows recovery program to bypass bios and get into a boot menu, and calling Sony tech support, giving them my info and registration stuff only to be told to go to the place I bought it from and purchase a protection plan.

I don't see the reason why I should purchase a plan for a laptop I've own for over 6 years.

Anyone have any idea's?
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    Well I did it in a round-about way.

    Opened the Recovery settings, clicked on Advanced Recovery, opened the command prompt window and navigated to my flash drive and ran the setup.exe. Before it asked what HDD I wanted to install to, I pulled out the old HDD and put in the HSDD. It's installing now, without having to choose a boot option in the Bios.
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