Best GPU for Dell Inspiron 530?

I've got a really bad GPU (GMA 3100) and I want to upgrade it, what's the best GPU for it?
My specs are:
CPU: 2.33ghz Core 2 Duo
PSU: Not sure but I'll check soon.

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  1. Also can it run GTS 450?
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    It should be able to handle a 450 fine, assuming this is a full size and not a slim tower (which would have a smaller power supply and fitment issues with the card itself.

    If you can get the 450 for cheap then I would do that because anything remotely modern is going to bottlecneck HARD from your almost 10 year old PC.
  3. Those 250W Inspiron supplies wont give you much to work on as far as connectors, it also lacks the output for a card that draws 106W like a 450 GT. The PCIe also will only deliver a max of 35W which leaves out a 750 and 750TI so that leaves you with a small amount of upgrades.

    720 GT No additional connector 19W... pretty weak for gaming
    730 GT No additional connector 25W.. Still weak for gaming but not much else out there.
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