i7 6700 safe temperatures?

Hey guys,

I am using i7 6700 non k with h110m board
I did some test of intel burn test with stress level of (High). My average temp while stress test is 77-80c and maximum is 83c. I just want to ask if it is perfectly safe for my cpu or it will not shorten the life of my cpu. I haven't tried some games yet but with 83 maximum is it safe? Im using stock cooler btw. Thanks
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    Yeah that's fine, and your CPU should never reach 83C in real life when it's not under a synthetic load. Having the stock cooler on your CPU might shorten the life span of your CPU from 15 years to 13 years or something (if it ever even breaks, look at all the Core2 systems still in use), but it'll be obsolete anyways at that point so who cares.
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