Top fan exhaust or intake with cpu cooler (2x120mm) as main intake in front?

I have a NZXT S340 case with an Enermax Liqmax II 240mm at the front of the case working as intake/pulling in air through the radiator. The back fan is a 120mm as exhaust. As of now, the top fan is also 120mm pulling in air. I have read a lot of information on how the location of the radiator is best up front, pulling to prevent dust from getting into the radiator itself. I have had this set up for a month now and everything is working well.

I have also read information on how the PC should intake air from the front and exhaust it from the top an back. I am wondering if changing the top fan to push air out will improve temperatures. The CPU (i7 6700k) stays at 28 during normal use and no higher than 55 during gaming.

My question is whether the set up is getting enough air through the radiator to warrant the top fan as an intake and if the fan should be changed to push/exhaust because of it? Would I be better off having the top fan as an exhaust?
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    Yes the top fan should be an exhaust fan. This will help to create negative pressure in the case and assist the front rad intake fan to increase intake flow.
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