Upgrade graphic card or CPU for Multimedia (Movies in high quality)


I recently upgraded my RAM from 4 to 8 GB and a new ssd. It boosted my performance to the top, but i want better picture on my screen.
I have seen on other post, that sometimes its the CPU that needs to be upgraded...
I have been searching alot, and what i can think of, is that a new graphic card would improve it alot! But im confused..
I dont play games, i only watch movies and on the web. I want my text on the screen better and overall just to look better. The scrren i use is a 42* Philips television full HD.
I want to watch movies in high quality.
So the question is, what should i upgrade `???

Intel i3 2120 3,3 Ghz
Intel Hp graphic 2000
8GB ram DDR3
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  1. On one hand, for just HD video and web browsing, a relatively cheap videocard like the Nvida GT 710 with an HDMI output would be fine. I'm assuming your tv has an HDMI input. This is exactly the kind of use this card was made for.

    On the other hand, using a tv as a computer monitor is not going to give you the best quality image, especially where text is concerned. So even a videocard upgrade is not guaranteed to provide clear text. The image is only as good as your monitor or tv can display. Should you do it? It's a gamble, and the cost of a GT 710 is what you are gambling with.
  2. Hmmm... I've been looking on the MSI 710 also.. the 1GB and the 2GB s exactly the same specs? whats the difference ? And the price range its perfect..
  3. What type of connectivity are you using right now? HDMI, VGA, DVI? The type of cabling between your computer and TV and impact the quality.
  4. I use DVI with an adapter to HDMI.
  5. Using DVI can limit your ability to watch commercial HD material. DVI doesn't support HDCP and so the resolution of something like Netflix or even YouTube could be limited.
  6. Ok, but its integrated in the motherboard. so if i buy the Nvidia or MSI 710 with direct HDMI, would that improve it ? and by how much ?
  7. What is the model of the Phillips TV? Do you know if it is 1080p or 720p? What resolution does the computer want to display?

    What motherboard do you have?
  8. Model nr. 40PFT4009/12
    It is currently 1920x1080 (recommendend)
    Motherboard: Foxconn 2ADA in a P62255-eo
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    If you are using DVI to HDMI and running at 1080p. That is about as good as you will get. If you purchase a graphics card with HDMI, then you will be able to view HDCP protected content, Netflix should look better. I doubt your desktop will look much different.
  10. Hmm ok. I get kinda sad to hear that... :P The only way i will get better grpaichs, is a newer better TV? There's no other solution at all? :(
  11. Have you ever tried moving AWAY from the display? TVs are intended to be viewed at 3 to 10 times the diagonal distance.
    This calculator -- Says you should be 6ft to 8 ft away from a 42 inch display for optimum viewing.
  12. Yeah i have tried,,, No change really.. But thx for the fast reply! I think i just gonna stick with my intregrated graphic for now...
  13. Daarligregner said:
    Hmm ok. I get kinda sad to hear that... :P The only way i will get better grpaichs, is a newer better TV? There's no other solution at all? :(

    No, the point is a tv is not the same as a quality computer monitor. You specifically mentioned text, which is one thing a tv does not do well. So by using HDMI to HDMI you can get the best quality HD video because you'll satisfy copyright protection schemes, but it won't do anything for text. You need a monitor for that. That's one reason everyone doesn't just use a tv as a computer monitor.
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