Do I need windows 10 if only using ssd for putting games on it?

I heard that you can get an ssd and games will load faster, Total war warhammer is slow at loading and I love the game. Do I need windows 10 to be installed on it before I can put games on it? If I do need windows 10, is there a way for me to install windows 10 on it without the disk? I have windows 10 installed on my hard drive.
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  1. I f there is enough space on the new SSD you can clone your HDD on it or just transfer partitions needed to run OS.
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    It is also possible to run games on a different hard drive (IE HDD for windows, and SSD for dat game life) with some hacking and tweaking, though some games don't have this possible by default.
    It would also be good to do what CountMike said and clone your hard drive and put it on your SSD, as SSDs are great at the random read/writes that operating systems require. You could then use your hard drive as peripheral storage for docs and pictures.

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