100% Disk Usage By System All The Time up to 25 mb/s HDD

Hi, I have a lenovo aspire R, intel core i7 and NVIDIA Geforce 940mx with windows 10, the problem is that whenever i turn on my laptop, the task manager says that the disk usage in at 100% always, "system" is using all the disk for a reason, I already had diabled superfetch and windows search, but the problem still bugging me, not the antivirus with or without it the problem still in the computer please somebody help me with this
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    I have a possible fix in mind but to test it, you need to download Process Explorer,

    Process Explorer is a better version of Windows Task Manager that i personally use too.

    Download it, run it and look if you get near 100% (e.g 97%) of usage in "Hardware Interrupts and DPCs". If not, then look for other process that hogs all the disk resources.

    Oh, is the drive in question a HDD or SSD?
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