Setting up raid , after having some drives in AHCI

hows it going, first time poster here. I have some hard drives on my desktop setup in I believe AHCI mode using Sata 3.0 connections. I have extra western digital blue drives I want to put into raid 1 for backup purposes, and 2 extra samsung 950 pro's I wanna setup for raid 0 for booting from. When I setup a raid profile or switch to raid , will my other hard drives dissapear or be unable to be used? That happened on my laptop, but maybe I did something wrong. Also is there anyway I can Use a pci Slot to install some sort of sata 6.0 slots to use with my SSD in raid to boot from. thanks for your time -shawn

anyone at all wanna tackle this?
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    The only way this will work is if you have two separate SATA controllers in the system. Then you can setup the drives connected to one as RAID and the other as not.
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