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I've bought an i7 6700k a while ago . Been cooling it with a 240mm radiator , a Deepcool Maelstrom 240T . After some testing and stress tests , I've managed to overclock it to 4.8ghz at 1.384v , but I set it to adjust the voltage lower or higher , whenever I need it . With MSI motherboard's basic CPU tracking program , the highest I've seen is 1.392v , but it's only for a second or two , then goes down ; and the lowest , I dont know , but it can go to even 1.24v sometimes .
Well , my question is : With what program can I track and do calculations ? The problem is that the cooler sometimes gets kinda noisy . I want to see what temps i get at different voltages and at different clock speeds , the benefit in FPS/render time or how it is called in different programs . The problem is , I dont know how to add every data I get in one benchmark , so i can see the lowest , the average and the max FPS , like in Youtube benchmarks . Thats what i want to know , how to do those .
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    CPUID-HWmonitor for instance but has only Min, Max and Average values.
  2. Personally i use MSI afterburner for temperature, it shows pretty accurate and what is most important it shows it as a graph, so you will be able to monitor all temperature spikes during last hour or so. This does AIDA64 aswell.
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