How do i restore default values because I have tried to overclocked and now system is unstable

Need help on how to restore factory settings on Asus z97 maximius ranger iiv , as i tried to overclock and now the pc keeps freezing or crashing when playing games at 4k
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  1. Hello... Remove the MB battery and a cmos clear/reset ~2 mins and re-move clear/reset, insert battery back... next boot will be BIO's defaults. I would recommend removing your GPU if you have a Intel CPU/IGT... your Default Display output will be the MB and the CPU/IGT... until you change it back to the "Ext PCIe/GPU in the BIO's (save&exit) B )
  2. I have done it i think i took the CMOS battery out and then restored to default values and now i have stock at 3.5ghz it's better at that i try to overclock and it gets to hot , the most i have overclocked to is 4.2
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