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After frying my 2 hdds with a new psu and old cables, see this thread:, I have now installed windows on a new ssd. The problem is now that it won't load past the bios splash screen (unless I mash the delete key then I get the following screen that just freezes and will go no further, even the keys won't do anything) This is whether the ssd is connected or not.

After spending a rather large amount of money on gfx, psu, heatsink and 500gb ssd in the last week this is what I am stuck with, please help me out, I'm at my wits end now with all this, the upgrade has caused nothing but trouble for me
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  1. that us storage device is a external hdd and have os on unplu it and what those 2 usb hub are use for since bios does not see ssd as first boot device check in for this .
  2. There is no usb storage device connected, the hub is the front ports and the ssd was not connected when I took the photo, although the system does detect it when it is..... I can't access the bios settings to check on the boot selection, that is the problem here. I need to figure out how to get to the settings as it just hangs at this screen and no keyboard inputs work
  3. You didnt plug one of the front USB connections into the firewire / 1394 header on the mobo did you??

    Because it'll fry it if you did
  4. Nope, nothing else was changed apart from the psu. It was all fine before that. It's like the bios is corrupt but I can't reinstall it because I can't get to the ez flash option
  5. If the bios were corrupt it would be dead period. You wouldnt see anything

    So the del key doesnt work??
  6. That's correct, the del key (or any other key) doesn't work, unless I mash it while the system is first powering up, then as soon as it gets to the above screen it freezes.
  7. what happens if you try to press f8 as soon as system start .
  8. It does exactly the same thing
  9. Ok so after unplugging my ide cable for the DVD drive and mashing f8 I have finally got into the boot menu from which I can now install Windows from my usb drive.... We are making progress. I will keep you all updated...... seems strange that the ide cable caused the hang does it not?
  10. It maybe faulty. Altho I would use SATA hdd's, IDE is past its use by date
  11. Maybe a setting for the sata controller that made it happen. Set this to AHCI prior to installing to get the best performance out of the ssd if not already done.
  12. It's all good now, apart from some random crashes which I think might be due to the ram being overclocked from 1333 to 1444. What do you guys reckon, would that cause It?
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    when the ide was plug in the dvd was it as master or slave could be cable select and did you check if this dvd reader is good also the bios might try to boot from him with no os on .
  14. ElCapitano said:
    some random crashes which I think might be due to the ram being overclocked from 1333 to 1444.

    I guess that could very well be why your system crashes. Do a clear cmos see if that sets things right. If you changed the sata controller to AHCI make sure to do that again after the clear cmos.
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