External HDD says "The disk Structure is corrupted and unreadable"


I am new of this fourm. So, please forgive me if I failed to adhere to the rules of the forum.

I have a 2TB Westernal Digital extrenal hard disk (model which needs power supply). I worked without any issue for 2-3 years. I have filled 95% of it in the last couple of years. The data in it is not super critical but it would take me few months to collect most of it back from friends and family.

Whle using the hard disk yesterday, the drive got disconnected suddenly and is now no longer working. When I click it, it shows "O:\ is not accessible. The disk Structure is corrupted and unreadable". I connected the disk to mulitple laptops but the problems still persists.

After reading through several threads, I have attached some pics for your reference. I would really appreciate if someone can help
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  1. It's possible that just the interface card in the enclosure went bad. You could try carefully removing* the drive from the enclosure and plugging it directly into a computer.

    *Removing the drive from the enclosure voids all warranties (if you still had one).
  2. It is still under warranty. I read online the error I received is due to corrupted partitions etc. No software solution to fix this?
  3. There are a few partition recovery tools out there. I haven't used any of them so I can't recommend any, sorry.
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    I used MiniTool Partition Wizard version 9.1 [actually it was a part of my MiniTool Power Data Recovery package] to fix a corrupt partition. Even though I somehow
    managed to:
    -- make a full image backup of my Data partition
    -- bring back a corrupt OS partition
    -- make a full image backup of that OS partition
    -- use a Disk Mgr to recreate the normal partitions
    -- restore from my backups the OS and Data partition material
    ---- There were some long-winded steps involved -- I do not know how to walk you through the process; other more experienced heads will have to enter in.
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