Can I overclock my CPU by any chance? Intel Pentium G4400 @ 3.30 ghz

Hello there! I have an Intel Pentium G4400 into an MSI H110M PRO-VH (MS-7996) mobo. I love playing GTA V and heard it's much more of CPU intensive. My G4400 is running @ 3.30 ghz and I'm wondering if I can squeeze it a little bit more for a little better performance.

Here are some pictures if you need better information about my rig -

If you need any more information, please leave in the comments. I would love to discuss this as I really want to run GTA V a lot smoother if possible. Thank you so much Tom's Community!
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  1. Unfortunately, NO.

    Overclocking needs a special CPU that has unlocked multiplier (denoted by "K" ending on CPU model number) and also a special motherboard with intel B or Z chipset.

    For better gaming experience, what you can do is lower the setting and disable some windows background processes and apps, or upgrade your system.

    Although it's possible to FSB OC on some CPU if the motherboard supports it, but it's also overclock SATA controller, PCIe bus, and RAM which is not recommended and will corrupt your windows installation.
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  2. There were a number of H110 motherboards that could BCLK overclock locked processors including this impressive result on a MSI H110M PRO-VD , but you'd have to use a BIOS older than February 2016 because that's when Intel pushed its microcode update that disabled it.

    BCLK doesn't overclock anything except the CPU (FCLK, Uncore) and RAM--PCIe and everything else stays the same. It does have the side effect of no longer being able to read the core temperatures with any software.

    Only way to know is to flash an old BIOS and see if the option is there, which it would only be if MSI put the extra clock generator on that board.
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  3. @alth0triplemadang, Hi sir, thank you so much for your input.

    @BFG-9000, I went to my BIOS and found this Overclocking Category:
    it doesn't let me change the speed though, that's the problem. How do I make this work?
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  4. If the setting was there it would be right under Ring Ratio in the category "CPU BCLK Setting" and called "CPU Base Clock (MHz)"

    Are you sure you are using an old enough BIOS? If you are, then that H instead of D could mean the lack of the needed external clock generator (which means it uses the one inside the CPU instead).
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  5. No, there's no any "CPU BCLK Setting" or whatever you're talking about. Should I get an older BIOS or something to do this?
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  6. Of course an older BIOS is necessary, I even gave you a link as to why (it was all over the news a year ago).
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  7. Damn, I don't have any idea about stuff like this. Can you give me a specific link of the required BIOS and a tutorial on how to install it? Thank you so much, good sir.
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  8. I have not seen any OC capable H110M bios in the wild. Z170 ones however exist in abundance. Most older BIOS before 2/16 work great. Some newer Asrock and MSI ones even work after microcode updates.
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    OCing on H110 boards is risky. Or Intel didn't want if their "entry-level" chipset can OC and kills B and Z series market.
    That's why intel update the microcode to prevent user to overclock on this chipset and non unlocked CPU.

    Some older BIOS work amazingly to BCLK OC, oh and MSI have a feature that called "oc genie" did you try that one? I'm not sure how it performs though.
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