Externally powered USB Hub that can be connected and used as PC usb ports?


So I was wondering if anybody knows if there is an externally powered USB Hub that can be connected and used as my PC's USB ports? The problem I am having is that I use my iPhone 6S as my main internet provider for my PC (yes I am special) and the reason for that is that my local WiFi only reaches speeds up to 8 Mbps down and with my phone I can get speeds up to 70 Mbps down.

However, when I am normally surfing the net, gaming etc. the phone charges normally (I use my MOBO's USB port, 3.0 for USB internet sharing) but when I am downloading big files like games, the iPhone battery starts draining even though it's charging the whole time.

I suppose my motherboard doesn't output high enough voltage and that is what's causing this problem.

That is why I am looking for a USB hub that is powered from a wall outlet and outputs higher voltage that my MOBO's USB ports but can be used for USB internet sharing on my phone. Does anybody know if such a thing exists, how expensive they are and where I could possibly order one?

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    Many such products available.

    Google "USB hubs with external power" - then refine your search criteria as necessary for your requirements.

    Example link:
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