FX-8370, i5 7500 or wait for Ryzen R5

I'm upgrading my PC and need help deciding between those CPUs. I will primarly use it for After Effects + Photoshop and for gaming in free time (GTA V, FO4, ME:A).
I've done some research. i5 7500 should be better at gaming (vs FX-8370), up to 10fps difference. But I'm more interested which one performs better in After Effects, Would 8370 be a better choice because of its 8 cores? Or should I maybe wait for Ryzen R5 CPUs. Thanks.
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  1. If Editing precedes gaming, then wait for R5. Else 7500 should be fine.
  2. What's your graphics card?
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    The R5 would be the better of the options you could look at.

    If the price range is about $200 for cpu, the R5 1500 or R5 1600 would be a good fit.

    I went with the R7-1700 and have been very impressed with it overall. The performance boost over my 8320 has been huge. I do CAD and 3d environment renders, streaming, and just general gaming (GTA5 and FO4). Both went from an average of 30-50 fps to above 60(well above but I my monitor is set to 60hz). When i turn vsync off, I'm usually in the 80-90fps on the same video settings if not better.
  4. It's very hard to make a case for an FX CPU in 2017 - they were released in 2012. My vote is for a Ryzen 1600.
  5. I agree, R5 should be a better choice for passive gaming.
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