Graphics Card for a 755 Optiplex DT

Hey guys, this isn't Austin.

So, I need to find a graphics card that fits in a 755 DT Optiplex.

I thought about these 2:

Is there any other graphics (between 550ti and 750ti performance) that will fit in this case?
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  1. Go with an MSI low profile GTX 1050 ti, it will fit in a lot of small form factor cases and works better than what you listed, RGIHD (RandomGamingInHD) put out a video on the 1050 base low profile one, and it's perfect.
  2. most single fan cards would probably fit your case. You can also go for a 3GB SC 1060.
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    You cannot fit those. Dt requires low profile. You also are limited to a single slot, short double slot cooler. Those gpus also won't work with your psu. Why are you upgrading? The only things better than a 550ti that would work with your case and psu are 750, 750ti, 950 75 watt, 1050 or 1050ti.
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