Ryzen 1700 oc to 3.9 gHZ

Hey guys after all i think ryzen is safer bet for future.Could u tell me ehat cooler do i need to oc my ryzen 1700 to 3.9ghz and also which mobo would u reccomend?Thanks in advance
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    If you're going 1700, then you must have the X370 chipset. For OCing, any beefy air cooler or AIO will work. Personally I recommend any dual-fan air coolers from Noctua or Cryorig, and either the Corsair H110i or NZXT Kraken x62 for AIOs.
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  2. I'd only get a b350 Mobo if you use a single GPU setup. Quite a few of b350 boards OC to 3.9-4 just fine.
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  3. Yes it's bad advice but it's from March.. why bring it back
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