Installed a new MSI GTX 1050TI and im getting no display through HDMI

Installed a new MSI GTX 1050TI 4GB DDR5 OC edition, and im getting no display through HDMI. I upgraded the card from a EVGA gtx 750 and ive deleted the previous graohics drivers from my rig. Whenever i have the 1050 TI seated and turn the pc on there is no display that works using the HDMI port on the cord or on my motherboard, but when i ont have the card seated the HDMI works fine with the motherboard. any suggestions on what im doing wrong?
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    You need to install the GPU drivers before you can use HDMI.
    You can download the latest GPU drivers from here,

    Just select the correct GPU and OS version and click Search.

    The reason why HDMI works on your MoBo is because you have MoBo drivers installed.
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