New laptop hitching/stuttering for 1 second every 30 seconds or so when playing games

Hi everyone, I've been having issues with my new laptop (one week old) hanging for 1 second or slightly less, around every 30 seconds or so when gaming. It's not a fps drop, the game resumes exactly where it paused with no lag. The stutter is accompanied by fan noise as if the laptop is doing something. I've searched hundreds of threads on all sorts of websites describing this issue, but can see no clear solution. My specs are:

Acer aspire VX15
7th gen i5 3.0ghz
8gb ddr4 ram
Geforce gtx 1050 4gb
windows 10

The games are located on the d drive (1tb hdd) as the os is on the small SSD 128gb.

Laptop power profile is set to high performance mode. Changing the nvidia setting to max performance from optimum made no difference. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: After experimenting with this some more it's interesting to note that the stutter only occurs during a game when a "new sound" occurs, like an enemy casting a spell in final fantasy, or hitting a button in a fps shooter that makes a sound. Even opening a menu can trigger it if it ha menu music or makes a noise when opening. If I am stood still in any game listening to ambient noise, nothing ever stutters. I've got realtek audio driver with dolby surround on this laptop. Realtek drivers are from October 2016 so seem up to date. Really cannot figure out what is causing this for the life of me. I know there are hundreds of other similar posts about similar issues all over the internet but there seems to be no real agreement on the cause, or a solution. What a shame to spend £900 on a new laptop only to have these issues.
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  1. Given the fans ramp up, you might be overheating a little - you can use a program like HWMonitor or MSI Afterburner to monitor (and post your temp at the time of any stutter back in this thread).

    With the "new sound" aspect, it would appear driver related. Are your GPU drivers up-to-date?
  2. Thank for the response, I haven't used the monitor program but will do. The laptop is one week old though, and it's doing this on games whether they are 10 years old or out last year. The fans are both working correctly and the issue is occurring instantly after loading up a game so I can't see it being overheating. I've ensured that the gpu and indeed, all drivers related to graphics/sound are totally up to date: they were out of the box. Might end up returning the unit as it's just not good enough for a brand new machine, it's totally experience breaking. I don't think I'm alone in this, but there seem to be myriad issues with modern geforce gaming laptops and windows 10, I wouldn't have purchased it had I known before hand.
  3. This thread can be closed as I've just confirmed returning the unit. Don't think I'll bother with pc gaming again.
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    We might be able to narrow it down (could be high disk usage), could be temps, could be drivers.

    Either way, for a one week old laptop with the latest drivers installed to be performing that poorly, I'd return it as early as you can and pick up something else.
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