New PC Build Storage Problem

CPU - i7-770K
MOBO - MSI Z270 Pro
RAM - G Skill Ripjaw V Series DDR4 2x8 GB
PSU - Corsair 750 watt Modular
Storage - Samsung EVO 850 250GB SSD and 1TB Western Digital Caviar.

This is basically my first build. So I hooked everything up but the mechanical hard drive and installed windows to the SSD. Then I unplugged everything and hooked up the mechanical drive and tried to manage some of the wires. I went to start it back up and it just kept cycling the power to the fans and the motherboard continuously. So I unhooked power and the SATA cable from the mechanical drive and got it to book back up. Then I hook up the mechanical drive again and now it doesn't recognize the SSD but it does the mechanical drive. The only thing of note I have is that when putting the back panel on the case is I had to really apply some force to it to get over all the cables.

I am work now, but when I get home I am going to try hooking it all up again without the panels on to see if I'm not moving one of the cables when putting the case back together. Other than that does anyone have any other suggestions?
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    You got 6x SATA ports on your MoBo. Try plugging your HDD to another port and look if your system detects both your storage devices.

    I had similar issue when i built my Skylake build. Had to try out several different combinations until my MoBo detected my ODD, SSD and 2x HDDs at the same time.
    Currently i have my SSD in SATA1 port, ODD in SATA2 port, 1st HDD in SATA3 port and 2nd HDD in SATA4 port, leaving SATA5 and SATA6 ports empty. You can look up the order of SATA ports from your MoBo manual.
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