Asus Maximus IX Hero or Asus TUF Mark 1

My question is in the title. Mind that these are for the z270 chipsets. Which would you guys prefer and for what reasons? Which do you think would be best at overclocking? Thank you!
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    The Maximus Hero will be easier on the overclocking. I've owned the last few generations of TUF Mark I boards, Z77, Z97, Z170. They've all been good at overclocking but that's not their intended usage, they're intended for stability. You *can* overclock with them, and they do about as well as other high end Asus boards in the benchies, but they're beefy. I bought a Gigabyte Z270 Aorus Gaming 7 thinking about something new and supposedly one of the better overclocking boards, but my delidded 6700k is right at the same 4.6 stable that it was with the Z170. Next board I buy for me will be another TUF though. Good warranty, Asus has always been great about it too, even when you buy off eBay, as long as the pins are good they'll fix or send a refurb with your original warranty without asking questions, and since it's a 5 year warranty, a lot of the boards on eBay are still under warranty even if the seller doesn't know it. Also, if you buy one from overseas (I did), Asus honors the USA warranty if you're in the USA. Doesn't matter where the board was sold, long as you live in the USA you get the USA warranty. Even though the optane thing may or may not pan out to be great, the Z270 boards are still a little bit nicer than the Z170s.
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