How do I undervolt GTX 1050?


I have a Dell XPS 15 (9560) and I've already undervolted the CPU (-0.125), but the GPU (GTX 1050) is still pretty hot and I don't like that. I also don't know how to undervolt it.

- So how do I undervolt the GPU and by how much?
- Can I use MSI AB?
- Please let me know of a safe voltage because I don't want to trial and error (mainly because of the "error" part).

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    Every chip has it's own voltage characteristics, you can't just copy someone else's settings. Trial and error is pretty much the only way to go. On the plus side, you really can't damage anything. If you drop the voltage too low you'll start getting graphical artifacts, driver crashes, etc. at which point you need to either bump the voltage back up a bit or decrease frequency. You should be able to use AB.

    What temp is your GPU hitting that's making you concerned?
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  2. same here im also getting this issue where the gpu stays at 78 then starts to throttle dropping my fps and thermal shut how do i underclock gpu with msi AB and whats the con in doing this
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