Hyper 212 evo can oc i5-6600k to 4.4ghz?

Hyper 212 evo can oc i5-6600k to 4.4ghz? Temperature?
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    Your temperature will depend on your voltage.

    Yes your 212 Evo should be able to handle it.

    Although such things as case fans and ambient temperature (room temp) will affect it somewhat. A reasonable voltage to start with would be 1.3v
    I would say you might get a peak of 71-81 celsius while benchmarking/stress testing.

    Real world usage you'd probably average 60c at 1.3v with some spikes into the low to mid 70s.
    If you can lower the voltage you'll get lower temps but you might not achieve stability.

    If you are pushing 1.35v itll get hotter. (I wouldn't go past 1.35v) max recommended is 1.4v (Your cooler cant handle 1.4v anyway lel.)
  2. I have my 6600k overclocked to 4.4ghz at 1.28v and my cooler is a noctua NH u9s which only has a 92mm fan. The pc is a mini itx and my CPU reaches about 70C under stress but in gaming it rarely goes above 60C.
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