Can I put an intel stock cooler on an i5 7600k for a week or less?

I'm getting an i5 7600k tomorrow in the mail that I've been waiting for months. I currently have an i3 6100 with a Cooler Master Hyper T4 which would be fine for the 7600k. BUT, the thermal paste that came with the T4 was lost when we moved so when I ordered this 7600k I completely forgot about thermal paste. I still have the intel stock cooler from when I got the i3 6100 with thermal paste pre-applied. Ik it will fit and everything, but will it be safe to use for my 7600k for 3-7d while I wait for my new thermal compound to get in the mail and swap out for the hyper t4? Thanks for reading this, ask anything below.
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    Yeah, it'll be fine. You may get pretty close to tjmax if you're trying to torture test it, but for day to day use I'm guessing the stock cooler will be more than adequate for stock speeds.
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